We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects with terrific clients. Some of them even let us post their quotes here. 

“Our architect advised us ‘not to bother’ working with anyone else. He was absolutely right.”

Phoebe Smith, Capitol Hill homeowner

“Leigh Mailloux is the most sought-after contractor on Capitol Hill, and deservedly so. He has finished our basement, making it into a lovely in-law apartment complete with full bath and kitchen, gas fireplace, utility room and back office; re-installed a stairway to connect the basement with the second floor, something no other contractor thought could be done given the space; completely remodeled the kitchen, powder room and main bathroom; built a new deck; installed trim and rosettes in rooms that were painfully lacking them; installed a skylight over our main staircase; and knocked out a wall in our dining room to expose the staircase along with installing a bannister. I waited a long time for him back in 2006, but it was worth it, and I would never dream of having anybody else touch my house.”

Helen Betts, Capitol Hill homeowner

“Leigh Mailloux and his team did a 6 month renovation on our Capitol Hill row house. We appreciated his professionalism throughout the project and his consideration of our needs while we continued to live in the house during the construction. He is innovative and creative, easy and fun to work with, and is committed to quality workmanship.”

Hap and Dana Carr, Washington, DC homeowners

“We have Leigh to thank for a wonderful, two-story carriage house that is the envy of our neighbors. It's so historically accurate that many guests assume it was built in 1880 along with the main house. Leigh assembled a first-rate team for the project, and delivered on-time and at a reasonable cost. He was the most client-friendly contractor with whom we have worked in our 25 years on the Hill, and he brought a refreshing degree of flexibility, creativity, and practicality to the project—along with a sense of humor that made the whole process not merely tolerable, but enjoyable. We have recommended Leigh unreservedly to several of our friends, all of whom have had the same positive experience we enjoyed.”

Beverly Pringle and Mark Moran, Capitol Hill homeowners